class descriptions


This class is all about that booty. Squats and isolations working the gluteus. Any time is a good time to tone and firm your behind. Heated.

Burn & Firm

A non heated class with a full body workout that's guaranteed to make you sweat.

Cardio Blast

This is a heated class that gets your heart rate up with only cardiovascular exercises. Be prepared to strengthen your heart and lungs, while improving your endurance. This class is perfect for those looking to lose weight and burn calories fast!

Chiseled Core

This is a powerful fitness class that is designed to fire up those abs and create a strong toned tummy. Heated.

Fast & Furious

This class is the mother of all fitness classes and will push you to your limit! Feel the burn and take the challenge. Expect lots of cardio and weight training in this hard core full body workout. Come forge a better self! Heated.


Connect breath with movement in this hot yoga class while linking a variety of poses into dynamic sequences. Adequate for all levels. 

Gentle Flow

Great for beginners. This heated class takes you though a mellow series of postures. Flowing calming through stretches while opening and aligning the body with gentle movement.


This is an advanced yoga flow class where you show up to your mat and truly tap into your greatness! If your trying to slay a new arm balance or simply want to take your practice to a new level, then this is the class for you! This is a warm class.

Pilates Fusion

This hot class is designed to target the entire body while utilizing a blend of yoga and pilates exercises.


A heated, relaxing, slow paced class featuring a handful of poses to deeply stretch all tissues of the body. Calming music and dim lighting provides the perfect setting for healing and releasing tension. Great for all levels.

Stretch & Meditation

In this hot class you will focus on deeply stretching all the tissues of the body while being guided through a meditation. We need both movement and stillness to cultivate a greater balance in our life. Appropriate for all levels.

Yang / Yin

This is a slow-paced yoga class divided into 2 halves. In the first half you focus on the Yang which is masculinity and strength. In the second half you focus on the Yin which is femininity and flexibility. The perfect balance all rolled up into 1 class. Heated.

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